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An aggressive, fish-like shallow diver, with a wiggle that you can really feel down the line thanks to its grumpy shape. An absolute hit with catfish fisherman (great at night). Being surprisingly dense for its size it casts extremely well even when using tough tackle! Diving only up to 2ft(0,9m) Lake makes an excellent lure for shallow stillwater flats. In smaller sizes also good for river species.
Model Size Weight Hooks Diving Depth
F * S * Spinning Trolling
  L3,5 3,5cm     4,0g   6,0g     2x nr 10 0,5m    0,7m    
  L5 5,0cm     12g   16g     2x nr 6 0,7m    1,0m    
  L7 7,0cm     22g   27g     2x nr 2 0,8m    1,2m    
*  F - Floating  S - Sinking
In colors available:
SP, S, G, B, BP, BS, GR, BR, GFR, P, GRS, FT, GH, RH

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