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These lures are characterized by minnow-like shape and a superb delicate action. Tender is designed to fish just under surface. It makes this excellent lure devastating, while fishing shallows or mid-river reefs. It's also irresistible when slowly retrieved over weed beds in stillwater. A 7cm model is particularly favourite with fishermen who are after river asp or zander(walleye) at dusk. The biggest 11cm model is excellent for pike and huchen. Some huge(over 30Ib) Baltic pike have been recently tempted by this superb lure. Ultimate performance!
Model Size Weight Hooks Diving Depth
F * S * Spinning Trolling
  T7 7,0cm     -   6,0g     2x nr 8 0,5m    0,7m    
  T9 9,0cm     8,0g   -     2x nr 6 0,7m    1,0m    
  T11 11cm     12g   -     2x nr 2 1,0m    1,5m    
*  F - Floating  S - Sinking
In colors available:
S, SP, G, B, BP, GR, GRS, BR, BM, FT, RH, GH

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Bigger picture. SP
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Bigger picture. GRS
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