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The most popular and also the top model of Dorado-Triada Company. An aggressive and unique tight wriggling action makes this versatile lure excellent for both rivers and stillwater. A wide variety of sizes and colours of this floating or sinking diver are available, ranging from a tiny 40mm, 2,2 or 3,5g model, up to a lure capable of depths of 7,5m-plus(25ft). The smallest models are excellent for all trout and other species such as perch, chub or even barbel. The 6; 7 & 9 models will surely do the business if you fish for pike, zander(walleye) or salmon. The 7cm model is a favourite with salmon(sea trout) fishermen, especially in bright-fluorescent colours. The biggest sizes make an excellent lure for trolling as many double figure pike and cats have been caught on them. These lures are designed to catch fish not anglers!
Model Size Weight Hooks Diving Depth
F * S * Spinning Trolling
  I4 4cm     2,2g   3,5g     2x nr 12 1,2m    1,8m    
  I5 5cm     3,0g   5,0g     2x nr 10 1,5m    2,2m    
  I6 6cm     6,0g   8,0g     2x nr 6 2,0m    2,5m    
  I7 7cm     9,0g   12g     2x nr 4 3,0m    2,0m    
  I8 8cm     14g   18g     2x nr 2 4,5m    5,5m    
  I9 9cm     20g   25g     2x nr 2 5,0m    6,5m    
  I11 11cm     25g   32g     2x nr 1/0 6,0m    7,5m    
  I14 14cm     30g   38g     2x nr 2/0 7,5m    9,0m    
*  F - Floating  S - Sinking
In colors available:
S, SP, G, GFR, BR, B, BS, BP, GR, SGR, P, TR, FTR, RT,
PTR, FT, RH, JST - In all models
MN, NB, BGH, GH - In models only I4, I5
GO - In models only I4, I5, I6 I7

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Bigger picture. S
Bigger picture. SP
Bigger picture. G
Bigger picture. GFR
Bigger picture. BR
Bigger picture. B
Bigger picture. BP
Bigger picture. GR
Bigger picture. GRS
Bigger picture. P
Bigger picture. MN
Bigger picture. TR
Bigger picture. FTR
Bigger picture. RT
Bigger picture. PTR
Bigger picture. NB
Bigger picture. GO
Bigger picture. FT
Bigger picture. JST
Bigger picture. RH
Bigger picture. GH
Bigger picture. BGH

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