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  Dead Fish
Dead Fish
These lures are designed to mimic an injured, dying or diseased fish. It's well known that when predators such as pike, zander or catfish get bigger and older, they become less agile and less inclined to chase live fish. That's why we included Dead Fish in our offer. Much of the action is imparted through the skill of the angler .It's the best on shallow stillwater venues on a slow paused retrieve. Simply irresistible!
Model Size Weight Hooks Diving Depth
F * S * Spinning Trolling
  DF6 6,0cm     6,0g   -     2x nr 8 0,5m    0,7m    
  DF8 8,0cm     11g   -     2x nr 4 1,0m    1,5m    
  DF10 10cm     22g   -     2x nr 2 1,5m    2,0m    
*  F - Floating  S - Sinking
In colors available:
SP, S, G, GR, B, BP, GFR, P, GO, TR, BM, GH, FT, RH

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